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FIRST JUNK MARKET on MAY 19th in 2024

This year (2024) the first of the traditional junk markets at the Dageraadplaats is held on the 19th of May. Finding a pot to sell your stuff is impossible as all places are sold out many months -if not years- in advance! But if you like to stroll and are on the look out for something vintage, new or old or ancient then this junk market -de rommelmarkt- is de place to be. On a sunny day it is the best place in town. And if you’re tired of strolling around, you can have a drink at one of the surrounding places. And if you’re smart enough to have a reservation, you can have a bite too!

Other dates for Junk Markets:

  • 21st of June 2024
  • 18th of August 2024
  • 15th of September 2024
  • 27th of October 2024

See you there!