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Meeting of Styles MOS2023

Artist painting on a wall.

We have photos from MOS2023! Every summer, the international graffiti event known as the Meeting of Styles takes place in Zurenborg. We followed the artists as they painted their artwork on Krugerstraat’s walls, (which some people suggest should be renamed Steve Bikostraat).

The Meeting of Styles is a gathering of graffiti artists, each showcasing their unique style. In 2023, the event took place from August 18th to the 20th, attracting tourists, art enthusiasts, and graffiti fans who strolled along the mile-long street.

Before the MOS events, this street was unremarkable and mostly avoided, with plain brick walls from end to end. Now, it’s a vibrant destination where you can easily spend an hour or two admiring the artwork. Every year, the walls are repainted in black or grey to provide artists with a blank canvas to display their graffiti skills.

Some artists complete their work in a single session, while others take all three days to create intricate masterpieces. The artworks vary in size, ranging from a few square meters with characters or abstract colors to massive pieces spanning over 50 square meters or more.

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Have a look at 2019 pictures!

Or 2021! or 2022 or even 2023