Meeting of Styles MOS2023

Artist painting on a wall.

Over the summer the annual Meeting of Styles -the international graffiti meeting- is held at Zurenborg. We follow the artists as they create their pieces on the walls of Krugerstraat, (which should be renamed Steve Bikostraat ! ). Meeting of Styles is exactly that: a meeting of graffiti artists, each showing a work in his or her own style. This year (2023) the meeting was held from 18-20 of August. Every year many tourists, art lovers and graffiti afficionados walk the mile long street. Before the MOS events, this street was a dreary street most people would avoid. It was empty brick walls from beginning to end. Now it is a bright way where you can easily spend an hour or two looking at the art works. Each year the walls are repainted in black or grey to give artists an empty canvas to show their brilliancy in graffiti creation. Some do everything in one session. Others use the three days to create intricate works of art. Some are a few square meters, only characters or abstract colours, while others take up to 50 square meters or more.